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The Central Intelligence Agency is now operating on the PS3 and PS4 format only. Please contact the Director personally at

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The Central Intelligence Agency mission is to protect and serve the players of Los Santos; we are striving for a community to work together than against it. Our motto is "To play in the shadows, while others play in the light", which means working together in secret and out in teh open. Our mission when training a new recruit is to provide them with excellent tools that allows them to protect and defend Los Santos from the most notorious criminals Grand Theft Auto has to offer.

The Central Intelligence Agency is a different based clan than other clans on the gaming network. We enforce safety laws in public lobbies. Even though the game is intended to do the most in criminal activity, we believe that criminal activity should not be placed on other players. We strive to protect players and allow them to freely roam the lobby without having to worry about annoying players who try to cause them harm in any way.
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(PlayStation) Grand Theft Auto V
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March 9, 2013
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May 30, 2017 at 11:28:41 am GMT
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