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blake stone
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os Santos Real Life RP
Hello iím here to tell you Los Santos Real Life RP !!! We are trying to make this a big RP Community where anyone can come and RP for whatever Dep. they want to and have fun while doing it
Things we have to offer in server
1. We have great staff members
2. A friendly environment where everyone communicates with everyone
3. We have some really cool bots that you can use during RP
4. We have over 47 roles/dep.
5. We have quality members
6. Awesome place to role playing
7.must be 14+and must be mature
8. And just fun in general
9. we have a DOJ DISPATCHER IN HERE !!
10. we have our own ECONOMY AND COURT SYSTEM ALSO!!!
So make sure you join this awesome community today and start your experiance of Role Play this is your chance of haveing fun and metting new people and mybe you might meet some of your old RP buddys So join this great RP Community today and start meeting new people and start your adventure of RP here

Have a questions ? look below !
Any questions visit our website
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(PC) Grand Theft Auto V
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January 15, 2018
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January 15, 2018 at 05:47:08 pm GMT
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