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Blaine County Department of Public Safety is a professional and realistic gaming community for Grand Theft Auto V Online for PlayStation 4. We simulate the actions of first responders and citizens in a lifelike environment. The community offers four departments in which members can be a part of. Those parts are made up of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Blaine County Fire Department, Blaine County Communications Center, and Blaine County Citizens. This allows members who are interested in different areas to get involved within their specialized area of interest.

Formed in February 2014 as a community with only three members, the community has seen major modifications over the years. Initially known as Blaine County Sheriff’s Office when we first started to Blaine County Department of Public Safety when we dedicated to open two new departments, Blaine County Fire Department and Blaine County Communications Center.

In addition to our name change and our additional departments, Blaine County DPS has seen an increase in members since then. We average around 50 members total in the community and see around 20 members in each role-play session we host. We host sessions throughout the week and weekend, generally during the evening hours and often host late night sessions.

The community is structured with a set of board members who are committed to serving in the community. These members oversee the entire community as a whole and meet once a week to discuss operations within the community. The board is made up of members who are dedicated to the community and they bring their knowledge of both real world and role-play experiences into the community.

Unlike other communities, Blaine County DPS continues to gain members. Members come from around the world to enjoy our realistic environment unlike any other. The gaming style that we have and our committed members is what makes us the best gaming community around.
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(PlayStation) Grand Theft Auto V
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April 19, 2014
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May 12, 2017 at 04:00:36 am GMT
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