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Join us for CE Fridays (Halo Custom Edition), from 3:30p Eastern (download all-in-one map-pack from our site):

((Race 8eyond))

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Established January of 2004, Diverging from the Believable is a polyglot Halo: Combat Evolved & Halo Custom Edition racing clan. In saying that, we also dabble in other gametypes, and our servers aptly reflect a refined palate for carnage.

As a family, we strive to maintain a laid-back environment, where anyone can feel welcome—one of our main founding pillars. Fittingly, we avoid drama, where possible, and always do our best to mitigate the inevitable tension, likely to surface in any competitive setting.

Our membership is quite active, and we're always looking for interesting characters to join the fray, as a guest or recruitment hopeful.

We use Ventrilo (voice server client) when we play, which offers a huge tactical advantage and makes for a lot of laughs. If you're new to things, getting immediate clarification there will be of huge value (vs. our forum). Whilst highly recommended, this is not a mandatory requirement.

We currently use Steam (social gaming platform) for real-time communication, serving alongside our forums, as an organizational aid.

We all used to primarily play other gametypes, before discovering race. Despite sometimes turbulent beginnings, as one acclimates to the rules, important for the flow of things, if given the chance, you'll find that the race objective provides a wonderful new dimension, with the camaraderie of teaming up along the way, all adding to what can only be described as a symphony of carnage.
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(PC) Halo Custom Edition
(PC) Halo: Combat Evolved
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September 23, 2016
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July 14, 2023 at 04:47:04 pm GMT
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