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This page allows you to register a user account. A user account is your own personal account that allows you to register your clan and sign it up for various activities, get involved as a volunteer to help manage and provide content for the site (future development), or manage the ad space you've recieved by making contributions (future development). Registration is entirely free (as is everything at the Outpost), and it's as easy as filling out the form below and following the simple instructions you receive in your e-mail to activate your account.

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  Check the above box if you are a clan leader and you are interested in applying for a clan account. After you have activated your account, you will see the option to apply for a clan account within your control panel. Leaving this box unchecked will prevent the clan registration option from appearing in your control panel, but you will always have the ability to enable this option by using the "Manage Account" feature within your control panel.
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